Lucia Altucci, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Second University of Naples
Specialization in Medical Oncology PhD in Molecular and Cellular Pathology Recognised expert in epigenetics and cancer
Epi-C is a spin-off biotech company of the Second University of Naples. Its founders have many years of scientific experience as demonstrated by their over 200 international publications in the field of epigenetics.
Epi-C’s mission is to develop novel and customized anti-cancer drugs. Epi-C performs small molecule screenings, as well as biological and molecular characterization of drugs. The company plans to patent innovative epi-drugs in early 2016.
There is now general consensus in defining cancer as a disease of the genome and the epigenome, where epigenetic alterations and genetic lesions contribute to tumour initiation and progression. Several drugs able to modify the chromatin status of a cell by targeting chromatin enzymes are now being used against cancer. However, their precise mechanism of action is still under investigation. Epi-C aims to develop innovative epidrugs. Unlike other companies and big pharmas, Epi-C applies a personalized approach by focusing on the mechanistic basis of newly identified drugs to better define the specific genetic and epigenetic milieu in which they may be beneficial, pursuing the goals of personalized medicine: the right drugs for the right people.
Vico Luigi de Crecchio 7, 80138 Naples, Italy +39 081 5667564 www.epi-c.com