Sea 4 us


Dr. Pedro Lima

Marine related services

Among its activities, Sea4Us offers a range of services involving scuba diving activities, which include the collection of marine specimens and their identification, processing and storage for biotechnology research purposes. Operations are based in the region of Sagres (Southwest of Portugal) and the adjacent Natural Park, known by its marine biodiversity. Most importantly, Sea4Us has laboratory facilities located in close proximity to the harbour which minimizes the time between specimen collection and processing. This laboratory includes all facilities for the identification of species, sample processing (e.g. lyophilisation, quick freezing), freeze-storage, and adequate shipping, among others. In addition, Sea4Us has the required licenses to operate in the waters from the Natural Park. Those are strictly restricted for research purposes and include scuba diving activities, sample collection and the submersion of structures. These structures allow, for instance, the monitoring of materials/devices that act as substrates for bio-adhesion, or biofilm, in the context of aquaculture or other research purposes. Finally, our services also allow the involvement of researchers from other companies or academic laboratories in marine activities/expeditions upon request. For this, Sea4Us has accommodation agreements in Sagres, hence facilitating accommodation of researchers when required.